Who We Are?


At Chakok, we are a vibrant community of young individuals committed to fostering social respect and cultural awareness. Our mission is rooted deeply in the rich tapestry of Iraqi culture, with an eye towards celebrating the diverse multicultural communities that make our world a fascinating mosaic of traditions and histories.

Our Vision

Celebrating Iraqi Culture and Beyond

The heart of our endeavour lies in bringing to light the lesser-known facts of Iraq’s heritage. Iraq, the cradle of civilisation, offers lessons in diversity and resilience through its multitude of cultures and traditions. Yet, much of its historical wealth, particularly the non-religious ancient sites that were once powerhouses of the world, remains un-explored and inadequately documented. Our aim is to change this narrative, to spotlight these treasures and share the story of a land where civilisation took giant leaps – from the invention of writing to the earliest concepts of flying. Want to know more about our page, visit our page here.

Building a Community for Change

We believe that community involvement is key to nurturing and preserving the grandeur of Iraq’s culture and the beauty of its ancient roots. In our journey, we aim to build a network of passionate individuals who are eager to delve into the depths of Iraqi history, embrace its diversity, and promote its significance. This is a call to unite, to learn, and to celebrate – a journey away from racism and hate, towards understanding and appreciation.