Our Projects

Project - 1

Free English Classes

Delve into the world of languages with our free English courses. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to refine your skills, our expert-led classes are tailored for learners at all levels.

Project - 2

Medical & Science Courses

Attention to all budding scientists and healthcare practitioners! Discover our array of medical and scientific courses specially designed for students. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to spark curiosity and encourage comprehensive understanding in these vital fields.

Project - 3

Green Iraq Initiative

Join our endeavour to restore Iraq's natural splendour. The 'Green Iraq' initiative unites global tree donations, aiming to reinstate verdant landscapes. This endeavour is more than just reviving greenery; it's a stride towards sustaining cooler temperatures and a more balanced climate.

Project - 4

Training and Education

Provide skill enhancing training for healthcare professionals and health education for communities.

Project - 5

Education and Skills Development

Access to quality education and skills development programs is crucial. Online platforms can offer courses, tutorials, and training in various fields, including technology, language learning, and vocational training, to enhance their employability and adaptability in the job market.

Project - 6

Support Mental and Mobile Health Services

Establish mental health services and deploy mobile health units to underserved areas. Public Health Campaigns - Organise vaccination drives and invest in water and sanitation projects to improve public health.

Project - 7

Mental Health Support

The psychological impact of conflict, economic instability, and social challenges cannot be underestimated. Online counselling and mental health support services can provide a discreet and accessible way for young people to seek help.

Project - 8

Civic Engagement and Social Participation

Encouraging young people to engage in their communities and understand their role in governance and social development is vital. Online forums, social media campaigns, and virtual workshops can foster a sense of belonging and encourage active participation in civic life.

Project - 9

Public Health Campaigns

Organise vaccination drives and invest in water and sanitation projects to improve public health.

Project - 11

Conduct Health Research

Support research to inform health policies and interventions based on local health data.

Project - 10

Form Strategic Partnerships

Collaborate with local health authorities, international organisations, and NGOs for resource sharing.

Project - 12

Implement Healthcare IT Solutions

Develop or assist in deploying IT solutions like electronic medical records and telemedicine to enhance healthcare efficiency and quality. Public Health Awareness campaign, the promotion good diet to schools and vaccination programmes, etc.